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Relationship 101



What destroys, builds and makes strong bonds in relationships is secrets. But why and why not secrets? Is it great to have secrets in a relationship? Yes but no at the same time.Reasoning it out, I would say that secrets are great in new relationships.

In my opinion a new relationship is the one that hasn’t last for more than a year. The reasons for secrets is that the two parties involved (same or different gender) even though they are friends might be holding something back within their heart or mind and eventually use it against the other party. I can say for the first timers in a relationship, you are free to keep secrets from each other but with time as it changes to no secret relationship. At this stage of relationship, keep all the secrets but make sure it’s not something that would affect the relationship no matter what.

I have no specified duration for first time love but if you have been in a relationship for more than one year or two, secrets should something of the past. Why is this? You have known your partner for a long and at least understand his/her daily activities. Mistrust come when people are still hiding secrets from each other especially for those who have been in a relationship for a longer time. Examine yourself and show love to your partner by not holding anything from them or you will get hurt soon😉✨.

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The author is not a relationship expert but someone who has solved and experienced relationships in many level.

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Author: Fabian Melea (Ting Ting)



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