Relationship 101: EXPECTATIONS


Relationship 101


This is a new segment in our unity daily broadcast, where I will be talking about relationships from how you get into one, get out of one and how to stick into one that would be prosperous.

The first topic is getting into a relationship where you have Expectations.
From the words of Shakespeare, ‘‘Expectation is the root of all heartache’’

My question is why would you have expectations on what you haven’t seen? Why would you be egocentric on someone whom you haven’t known for 8months at most?

So to answer the questions above. Through people whom I have met in and out of relationships (my friends and I) when we get our expectations high of the new partner who has come into our lives we always feel depressed or the other way. But the highest percentage is always depressed because they came with high expectations such as the guy would make them feel the dream they wanted of a man. Realisations always comes later when you are deep into the relationship that you feel like killing yourself. Your expectations have been compromised and you leave the r/ship a heart broken person than when you entered it. To wrap this up as yourself what expectations may my partner want from me then from there you will find yourself growing.

The author is not a relationship expert but someone who has solved and experienced relationships in many level.

Give us your random thoughts through the comment section. Thanks for reading.

Author: Fabian Melea (Ting Ting)


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