Mr. Sawa


Yooh Niaje Bro
Mbona umenuna, ama hauna doh
“Niko sawa”
Uko sure, ju naona wrinkles kwa uso
“Niko sawa”
Bro niambie kulikoni
Usije ukaangukia kwa ferry likoni
“Wallahi Niko sawa”


When will this ever stop Mr Sawa
When will you stop saying Niko sawa
When will you ever talk Mr Sawa
Why would you lie while you are hurting inside
Why would you smile when you are crying inside

I know you want to be a strong man
That your papa told you men don’t cry
The society says men should be tough like a frying pan
Heat after heat until they die

So what?
Are you gonna listen to them while you die inside
Are you gonna smile until you are a living casket
Do you think you will “sawa” yourself through the hardness of life?
That you will have your problems on repeat like a cassette?

Come on
Even the greatest of rocks break
Even the strongest of pillars shake
So what’s your take
Speak out and be helped
Or shut down and be dead
Either way it ends with you at peace
Either at peace with your problems fixed
Or Resting in peace in your well dug pit

We are tired of suicide cases
If you’re gonna die then don’t leave suicide notes
Die in peace like starving goats
We can’t live with a reminder that we never helped
But how could we help when all your responses were taped?
How could we help when you cried in silence and never yelled?

If you are gonna die then burn your things and go
We don’t want traces of your weakness
Yes, weakness, you heard me right
Failure to speak out is fear of judgement
Fear is for the weak, that’s your judgement
We don’t want your kids to grow up full of torment
Thinking of how different things could be if you just held on for a moment

Oh, wait, you want to die
You want to die before seeing what your son could become
You want to die before you watch your daughter blossom in to a woman
What kind of person are you
Wanting to leave before you can see what the future holds

You are just among the few
The few who failed to see the brightness of life
The few who blamed the world for their lack of fighting spirit
The few who gave up at dusk forgetting that dawn would be lit
The few who were never fit
Fit enough to survive in this world because survival is for the fittest
I wish you understand that you have the power
I wish you know that to your family, you are a tower
I wish you accept that if you hold on us, you won’t sink any lower
Goodbye Mr Sawa

© Wesboy The Poet


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