It was a frustration for the Comrades who walk up early today to attend their 7am classes, it was after they were restricted to enter the school due to lack of school id’s. This is after the registrar communicated the same through a memo that was send to the students that there will be no entry to the school if you do not have have the school id. Talking to comrades they clearly explained that they have taken id photos for more than three times but they haven’t been issued with the school id’s.


The institution registrar came out to address the Comrades that morning out of the main gate. He talked bitterly explaining how the Comrades are not cooperating with his office. The following was the message from the registrar.

  1. He said that up to now there are approximately 1000 comrades who have not yet reported to school through their portals, he added that reporting should be done in the first two weeks on opening of any term, and reporting was closed and those who have not reported should visit his office.
  2. Talking about exams, he said that no one will be allowed to sit for end of term exams that will start as from next week without a school id and also for those who have not reported to school officially will also not be allowed to sit for the same exams.
  3. He encouraged all comrades to always take serious any communication they are given which is send through internal memo’s, for it seems most have been ignoring the memo’s send.
  4. About capitation he said that he is having hard time to get all students enrollment, this is due to most of the Comrades failing to report officially through the students portal and this makes it hard for him to give the correct information to the government hence leading to most comrades missing capitation.

With this comrades are requested to just do what is right for smooth life in the institution.

Those who do not have school id’s please make sure that you take photos at the school institution media house and those who have already taken please be patient as your id’s are being processed. We are hoping that they will be out before the end of today.

Rating: 1 out of 5.



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