Hello brethren it’s nice meeting you again. Hope you had a great week. Last Sunday I talked about spiritual battle and today I want to talk about a crucial topic here ‘ the church dress code’. I thought of talking about Modesty but I decided to just focus on the dress code.


As I start, we all have to agree that dress code is becoming an issue to as Christians or believers. This has really affected our ladies and women, I don’t mean that men and boys aren’t affected but they are also part of the mix. We always have arguments on how we should dress when coming to church or what we should not dress. Today I want to talk about how we should dress as

Christians and how should we present ourselves to God. I will be giving Bible references.

I think the church does not have a ‘dress code’, but it is obvious that most of you do not have a clue about modesty. Let’s ask ourselves the question, “what would Jesus wear?” We might see sandals especially in Southern California, but we don’t see many people at Church wearing tunic and robe, clutched together with a sash.

And I think the Bible is clear about some clothing issues being a matter of the heart and other issues cultural. This is clearly seen in both the old testament and the new testament. In the old testament there were many restrictions. The old testament recognizes natural distinctions between the sexes(Gen 1:27) and warns against against cross dressing (Deuteronomy 22:5). We also see cultural restrictions for instance in the same chapter 22 of Deuteronomy verse 11 where Jews weren’t not allowed to wear clothing made from wool and linen woven together.

The new testament is clear and supersedes the old testament law for Christians. Christ followers are free from strict adherence to the rules imposed on the Jews(Galatians 5:13-14)but you should just dress in a manner showing respect to your God(1st Timothy 3:26-29).

If you think dressing the low cut blouses and dresses along side revealing skirts and shorts is a way of showing respect to your creator then do it. A sound mind Christian who is saved will just dress in decent way, covering his/her all parts of the body and not walking naked. I know most of you want to be fashionable and modesty at the same time. It is not a sin to like nice clothes, but it is a sin when that desire for fashion becomes more important than your faith.

As I conclude let’s ask ourselves this questions “What am I trying to say or accomplish by what I’m choosing to wear?” Does my clothing illustrate surrender to the Lord and my commitment to the holiness? What type of attention are you seeking?Brethren it’s not ‘My dress my choice’ just dress respectfully.

Blessed Sunday brethren🙏




  1. For me i think the dressing doesn’t matter alot,,it is all about the heart,and as long as your dressing is decent then your good.

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