Lightning strucks homes in Navakholo constituency, sidikho sub-location


Thunder storms that pondered Navakholo during 5 pm rainfall on Sunday 3rd October 2021 caused lightning that struck a homestead of the late Mr Namulanda, injuring The son Oliver Walubengo aged 19 years, and killed a goat. It struck two days ago within Nalisi Area of Sidikho sub-location. It is the second time.. Last month it struck at Wakhungu’s home destroyed a house and injured a former Sidikho secondary school student Hassan. The two were classmates. The lightning menace seem rampant especially places beyond 600m from where lightning arrestor were installed. The homesteads surrounding a facility with such facilities within a radius of 600 meters are safer as compared those affected homes.. Beyond 600m from Kharanda Repetence church and Sidikho secondary school respectively. The area MCA and other stakeholders should look for ways and means of installing more lightning arrestors, because some put long time ago have less capacity to function.


This menace is a threat to the lives of people and livestock. Friends and relatives including neighbors thronged the homestead of the late driver Namulanda to check on the condition of the boy who was recuperating on a sofaset after being rushed to Navakholo Sub-County hospital for treatment the previous evening. He was treated and discharged in fair condition. He suffered from shock and body weaknesses. He is yet to speak. Prayers and get well quick wishes were offered. The villagers are still in shock and worried of when and where the lightning cockerel that is believed stays in the air would land again. Trying to learn God’s scientific revelation – Electrostatic is an daunting task but some superstitious characters tend to believe in some communities, it is the work of human beings underhand.

The phenomenon of Electrostatics was first observed by the Ancient Greeks but thunder and lightnings are beyond human comprehension. We appeal to the County Government interventions to curb the menace.



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