Yesterday was a very difficult day for the world’s number one social giant, Zuckerberg. All services of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus and Messenger have been shut down. And strangely, the Facebook.com domain name is listed as a target for sale. The above social communication platforms are all owned by Facebook, and the malfunction started at around 1840hrs yesterday.


WhatsApp acknowledged the problem on its Twitter account, apologized for the inconvenience, and explained that the team is working hard to restore the service to normal. As of press time, the above social media are still unavailable. There are also problems with the use of Telegram. Users report that the delay in sending and receiving messages is serious, and sometimes pornographic pictures suddenly appear between group messages.

It is reported that the personal data of 1.5 billion customers were extracted from these platforms and sold on the dark web for $5,000 per million names. User ID, real name, email, phone, and address are all listed for sale.

Facebook has 280 million monthly active users, Instagram has more than 1 billion global users, and WhatsApp has approximately 2.2 billion global users. But what happened today is not an ordinary downtime. Someone deleted a large number of router instructions, and Facebook’s entire DNS server record has disappeared. From a data perspective, Facebook has disappeared.

Facebook’s stock has been on a downward trend since September 7th. It has fallen by $16.78 per share since the opening today, dropped about 5%. The cause of today’s incident is not yet clear, and market expectations for Facebook’s ambitious cryptocurrency payment system plan are also falling sharply.

Another update at the time of writing is that many users of Bank of America today reported a problem with its banking system and urged users to check their balances and subsidiary accounts. The problem remained unresolved at the time of writing.

Reference: Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram down worldwide

All in all the services of all the three platforms are back.

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