Green churches movement has been helping in environmental conservation, where there has been programs of tree planting led by Christians of the Green Anglican Movement churches. Now they came up with a new initiative that would help the community and keep the environment safe. This is through introduction of the cooking solutions to the community, this is through the partnership with Mwangaza lighting company in Kenya.


As from 2018, Mwangaza Light has developed partnerships with NCCK member churches such as the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK), the African Brotherhood Church (ABC), the Pentecostal Fellowship of Africa (PEFA), and Friends Church in Kenya (FCK). We have also groomed partnership with a number of Evangelical churches and with Catholic and Muslim organisations. While collaboration with faith-based organisations is pivotal for Mwangaza Light, we are an independent social enterprise that has been started by or sponsored by any faith-based organisation.

Mwangaza light offers many products such as Solar PA packages, Solar business solutions, lighting solutions, cooking solutions and Tv packages. Now the partnership mainly deals with the cooking solutions as a way to help their Christians conserve the environment. Below are some of the cooking solutions:


Rocket cookstove at work. Moto kama ya gass

ADS western, Mwangaza Light in partnership with ACK Diocese of Mumias offers the Rocket cookstove at a very cheap price of 350ksh only. This amount facilitates transportation of the stove construction materials, labour and any other expenses needed for the construction of a pair of the cookstove.

The Rocket cookstove is far much better as compared to the commonly used three stone mekos. It does not produce smoke, uses a few fire wood, it cooks faster. And according to Caroline Makonnen who is the Mwangaza trainer, she says it can carry upto 14 littles and has a lifespan of not less than 7 years when taken good care by by the end user.


A Jikokoa photo /Courtesy of Mwangaza lighting

Jikokoa has 50% less charcoal for cooking, 60-80% less emissions, reduces time to cook, 3-5 year lifespan and 2yrs warranty repair.


A Burn kuniokoa photo /Courtesy of Mwangaza lighting

Burn kuniokoa is a burning cookstove, reduces wood emissions by 50%,reduces emissions by 60%,reduces cooking time & effort, 3-5 year lifespan and 2yrs warranty.

Why use an energy saving jiko?

  1. Household air pollution is the 4th biggest health risk in developing countries
  2.  4 million people worldwide die each year from exposure to cook stove smoke (smoke inhalation in a kitchen 3 times a day is equivalent to smoking 40 cigarettes).
  3.  Smoke is mostly the result of incomplete combustion. It contains unburned gases including carbon monoxide, which are harmful. It also contains small particles or ‘particulates’ of both organic material (soot) and inorganic material (ash)
  4.  These are more deaths from household air pollution than HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined
  5.  40% of pneumonia in children under 5 years is caused by indoor air pollution
  6.  54% of chronic obstructive pulmonary deaths are as a result of indoor air pollution associated with cooking
  7.  2% of lung cancer deaths are also as a result of indoor air pollution
  8.  3 billion people worldwide cook over open fires every day
  9.  Every 8 seconds, someone dies because of all the reasons mentioned above
  10.  Greenhouse gases produced from open fires is more than all gas produced in manufacturing and automotive industries combined.
  11.  Many women/children walk an average of 6Kms in search of wood every day. This exposes themselves to dangers from wild animals, marauders and rape cases.
  12.  The depletion of natural resources (trees) which provide health to soil, stop erosion, and provide cover and shade.

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