Am judged as a lonely soul


They say am an introvert

They say maybe am desperate for something

Or maybe have no one i can talk to

The truth is,

Am afraid of everything

Am afraid of temporary attachments

Am afraid of those temporary bonds

Am deeply attached to my family

To all the relatives,I like them

I know all those are permanent to me,

I won’t start shouting how fake people can be,

But some bonds are just meant to be temporary

Or maybe i confuse it sometimes

They were supposed to be just friends but i called them lovers

They were to be classmates but i called them “best friends”

They were to be just workmates but I fell for them as lovers or friends

And them my heart ended up like this

Have a thousand trust issues,insecurities

And I hate it when someone becames close to me

I don’t like it when my feelings starts betraying

All because my predictions are proved right at the end

And the healing pieces are scattered again




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