_We need darkness at times so as to know the Importance of Light._ Some things happen in our lives that are so hurting to us but for the glory of God. They didn’t just happen but God has a reason. Every good or bad things happens for the good of those who love The Lord…
We all know about Elkanah who had two wives: Hannah and Peninah. Peninnah had bore Elkanah sons but Hannah was barren: not genetically but By God’s will.


1st Samwel 1:6
_And because the LORD had closed her womb, her rival kept provoking her in order to irritate her._ (NIV)

See the reason why Hannah was barren was because of God. GOD didn’t shut that womb so that Hannah would live under the provoking of her co-wife. GOD HAS A REASON FOR EVERY SEASON IN OUR LIFE. Look at your situations God’s way…
Peninnah could wait until they’re in church when she could start provoking Hannah. How many of us have been Hurt in church??? By fellow ministers or Pastors? Do we shift or quit churches because of that? Hospitals and medical institutions are for the sick and those who seek medication..same way the church isn’t for the Faith perfectionists. Alot of people are in church with wet wounds. Not everyone is there for Worship the same way not everyone is there to intimidate others.. Ask yourself…Why do you go to church???
Hannah never looked on what her minor said but focused on what brought her there. She poured out her heart to God and let God to the talking for her… She didn’t ask for a son so that she could provoke back Peninnah. After all: Peninnah is mentioned only 2times in the whole Bible while Hannah 13times…. Hannah carried God’s Prophet in her womb and God had just shut it for the right time. Peninnah’s sons were nobody’s… they are just but a harvest of reproduction ??? ..no future with them.
Don’t be provoked by wombs that carry multiple rats yet yours’ carries elephant. It takes time because it is greater. Just incite the heavens and let them remember you and favour you.

Whatever The Lord shuts NO one can Unshut.. Whatever He opens no one can close.

So reflect on this today…
●You might have been taken to the darkness so that you may shine your light even brighter there. So that you may value the importance of light. So that you may see in the negativity of living in darkness. Don’t take every dark situation to be the devil’s attack….Others are God’s process to shoot us up in the presence of all those that looked down on us.
■ Do not be contented living in LACK OR DARK. God didn’t create you to forever live in shame and distress. Jesus took it all that you may live in glory. Keep trusting in God: Keep calling on Him. GOD DIDN’T CREATE A NOBODY. HE DIDN’T CREATE YOU TO SUFFER.. Step into your life manifestation… May God lead you in and out of season. He is the God of all things: of all times. He has a reason for what you’re through..Run your Race and Keep your Faith.

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