If it was an uncommon issue


Then it would be a valid problem

But coz it’s no Issue

Then they only see to subjugate

If I hadn’t been able to fight

I am trying to leave

But i can’t live without

Coz it’s troublesome thought

That I don’t how to break

If it’s peer pressure

Then I am deflated tire

That has run out of use

For I a worthless being without


If its depression

Then I am depressed son a bitch

That lives life with the hand

To the mouth and lungs and liver with zero brains

Rubbing shoulders with death

Still fighting on to live a better for worse life

Not worrying even if I will ever wake-up

From the deep slumbers that I have

Due over use and over addition

I need help so as to say sorry

But I Can’t remember whom it is

Coz life has no meaning when I am sober

If Bitch is Karma then let it take its course

For I think my life cruise has ended

#Trvbled poet



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