Is it the holding of hands


Or the hugs and kisses

Maybe it’s the walking in pairs

That made me fall in love

Deep inside my heart

Lies the secret softly sleeping

Honest each and everyday

A secret of a story with no end

A teacher did I become

A student you willingly were

Love as the only subject I taught

From the first day that I met you.

They said you were too young for that

I was too big to hold your hand

Yet you came for the lessons

Despite the words at the back

The first day of the practicals lasted long

For it was your first oath to make

The pain felt by your body

The pillow reddening the guilt

The experience is but a video

Students of love in a tiny hut

My grandma’s bedroom knows it all

Memories of tears of happiness

The first day that I made love

Opened a new page of my life

My innocence having been sold

To whom I had fallen in love



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