I know am not a stranger so,

Let’s shake our hands

Am the one behind everything

I run the mindset and also the feelings

Am not mean,

Am patient,honest,responsible

Am humble,and am never boastful

Am positive,and am success

My intentions are genuine

Am not forced into someone

Am just automatic

Am not fake

Am not heartbreaking when real

Am the peace,


And cooperation

Am the greatest commandment

Am as old as you are

As old as the reason you were born

As powerful as the reason you are existing

Am loyal,faithful and am not a liar

Have been blamed a thousand times

The poets say alot about me

And the world finds me very complicated

Sometimes they commit suicide because of me

Am not that evil,so just understand me

For overthinkers like mercy

They see me coming,faked or real

I said am patient,why can’t you wait for my time?

You rush my process,then I fake myself and there your broken and blaming me?

Am the reason behind your fantasies

The attraction to that guy

The reason why she smiled after labour

When am away,the evil reigns

And again I say,wait for my time

Don’t fall for the trap

Am never full of empty words and promises

Long paragraphs and late chats

Am proven in actions,

In my existence the actions will shout my presence

Just all that for you,

Let’s meet another time




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