God given from heaven


You never estated to prove it

You made me feel like a queen

You was in love that was proven

You protected me

Defended me

Genuinely loved me

Cared about me

You liked it when I smile

And since you sucurmed

That has been my routine

You liked my local name


That’s why I love it up to date

Your absence can be felt

And can’t be assumed

Or ignored

I can’t say you broke my heart

Because I know that was the last thing you could ever do

And I loved you too

My first luck in love


Your memories are my peace,

My source of true and genuine love on earth

My strength that you always fought for in me

I miss ‘us’,

All the plans are now with you

You never said goodbye

But You went far,

Far away from human reach

Far away from our love

Far away from our wedding plans

I loved you

Remember the day you touched my berry and said,

One day you will have my twins

I laughed out loud but I felt it

The day you were on your kneels and,

Before you could finish I said a yes

The day you said we can’t do this till marriage?

Where did I even find you?

Your imperfections were all perfect

Your love too extra

You took full responsibility of me

Even before I could be called mrs..you

I miss you

Am now at 23

But daily,I pass by your grave

And smile because that’s what you loved the most

Kiss your name and say the last words you said to me

I Loved you

And  I still haven’t moved on



Mercy muthoni


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