Desperate for freedom


Within a flash of a second,my eyes are blindfolded


Events go so fast that I can’t even recall

A minute I was walking back home another I am thrown in the back seat

As I try to scream for help, something heavy lands on my head

My silence was the only thing I needed to save my life

Having been born and raised by a single mom,we don’t have anything to offer you


Noticing I had blabbed unnecessary words I retrieved from talking

It’s time I hear those words clearly from a strange voice

A disgusting sack is placed over my face

A rough hand drags me out of the car saying that I was all his

I knew it was over for me

My fragile body is thrown in a car trunk

I found myself sold to a tycoon as his private sexual worker

My worked up life was ruined

Tears filling my eyes knowing my mom will be stressed

In as much I tried escaping a couple of times I couldn’t

That’s when chains of my depression began

© Black Barbie


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