Leave me alone


Just as you found me alone


I was born alone

Raised alone

Since i was unknown

To everything I now own


I can see it in your eyes

The plot in your mind

To send me flying over the staircase

Bribe them to end my case

That you may inherit the rest

While at no peace i rest in the graveyard


I knew this was not love

You only accepted my love because of my big car

The beauty that hypnotized me was artificial

Infact you used a charm to get into my life

So now you are my wife


My mom hates you

My young brother the same too

He hates your makeup

He claims you are a vampire who drinks blood

Yes i dont agree with him

But you are worse than this in a different perspective


It’s so unbearable to be in love like this

Just as the Owl’s flattering gets louder as the night gets darker

You continued presence darkens my spirits

Bars my ancenstral blessings

Leave me alone O’you nightmare. simon walaka simon of the dee


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