I beg you



If you feel something like love for me


Not to to let me know it now

When I feel something so certain for you

Wait until you’ve conjured my pride

By pretending not to care for me


I beg you

If you think your eyes will give you away

Not to give me that longing look,

When you know it I too will have fallen into the trap

Wait until our heartbeat have settled

Then put your head on my shoulder


I beg you

Not to let us surrender to passion

Until our liking has grown to love

Let us stop and look back

Let’s draw apart and let’s stand back to back

Let’s say goodbye for now

And walk our different ways

Without pausing to wait

For an echo to our last words


I beg you

If you find yourself interlocked

In my embrace, to kiss you to keep you silent

Before I start making promises,

that time may choose to bypass

Wait until our hands are free and close to me

To listen to me and share ideas

Wait until our love is prinned

Then give me your life and I give you mine too



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  1. Aaaw❤❤so touching and much inspiring….keep up rafiki?…..wishing you well as you explore ur dreams in writing ?

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