Feelings fade


I guess you finally made it


I can’t stop smiling each moment your picture clicks my mind

Your crescent smile that makes me hold my breath

I don’t believe when people say feelings fade

Coz each moment I think about you my heart skips a beat

My body filled with vibrant emoticons

Hush-hush I still want you back

But this time round I won’t have to lower my ego

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But this time round I won’t have to lower my ego

To let you in…stab me to emotion death

I have to let you go even though you’ll still be my obsession

Memories of how you handled me while I submitted whole

Still dance merrily in my mind

My soul you tore the day you walked out


Never thinking to look back at the puppet you turned me into

I preferred to get high with kush but you still reigned in my heart

I know am quick to quit but it always turns out for the better


Your name tattooed on my left breast

Describing how you made my heart beat even at my lowest moment

You were always my solace but right now I don’t find peace in your vibe

© Black barbie

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