Blame me not



Casting blames your mouth shouldn’t,


For what you promised, keeping you couldn’t,

Blame me not, the root you caused,

My love for you I paid a huge cost.


Vows we all made,

So clear, transparent, we were meant,

Many are the times without number I wept,

Tears of joy is what my heart kept.


Sweet darling; a change you transformed,

From best to worse than worst,

Attention I sought so humbly you denied,

Care and love, words spoke more than actions.


Loving Me you claimed,

Proving it you failed,

Entertaining the rest; your responsibility you held so high,

Poor me, your heart you ignored,

They came first I was your option.


Calls I made continuously,

Some picked, others not,

Our conversation was so plain,

No spice to add flavour no matter how much I tried.


A young woman of age I am,

To love and be loved a dream I have prayed,

What happens when I force myself to you?

What happens when you loosen the rope at the other end?



Just like how water has its boiling point,

Human beings too have their breaking point,

Holding to the thorned rose I so much did,

Pity, my hands are bruised can no longer keep hold.




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