By Jackline mwende



Effects of covid 19 to most sellers especially the large scale farmers

To the bar owners .

To boda boda riders.

The spread of covid 19 pandemic has changed the interaction between people and the food system at a drastic speed .A lot of people have experienced chronic change .

Covid 19 has devastated huge economies the word over ,rendered millions of people jobless and changed people’s lifestyles as a result of containment measure .

Beatrice mwambia a cereal trader at the market says covid 19 effects have hit their Bussinessses but they are struggling to remain afloat .They are optimistic of better days . The greatest challenge is transportation. The fare is quite high due to restricted hours of operation and we would really appreciate if the time is adjusted”.

Joy Mwende who sells vegetables, lamented that a lot of food goes to waste due to low demand .She Hopes customers will increase as the economy continues to recover .

” Problems of waste have really dissapointed us in our field of work as most of the time customers are finding it hard to buy our products due to the low incomes and. a rise in prices of the products , this has led to loss making in most cases ,”which has really affected us as vegetable sellers and fruits vendors”.says Joy Mwende

Bodaboda rider Dennis Maina says they used to ferry passengers in the evening after work but because of the evening after work but because of the curfew hours adjust customers prefer to go home early at times opt to work due to lack of money .

Photo by Jackline Mwende

“Transportation of market products has also be a tough time for us as bodaboda riders as most of the sellers complained on the issue of high prices due to the low incomes In the market forcing most of us adjust the transport prices to a cheaper one this has led to a big difference compared to the longtime period of time before the approach of covid “.says Dennis

Collins hiram a bar owner says that the worst bussiness has been experienced since he ventured into sale of liquor in 1995 .



The coronavirus has left a very a long lasting dent on the alcohol sale bussinesses .The mudalines to observe the accompanying curfew and observance of requisistance social distancing were so tough that many were forced to close -shop and yet to recover .

To add insult to injury most of the customers lost their sources of income making it a double tragedy .

Covid 19 has changed everything to a a world of poverty and high economic place , hoping that the normality will be experienced soon .


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