My head I bow in shame


My knees down I kneel

I have no place to hide my face

Wish I could quit earlier for it could be for the better

My hands are tied in the chains of shame

My conscience so right but I pushed it away

That’s the flashback I get in the middle of battlefield

Pressure from right and left leaving me scared

My tummy filled with butterflies

My whole world is spinning so quick

Wish to alight from this dark mystery

But whenever I look back it’s all in me

No one to give this blame

My ego I have to lay it down

My heart ripped into a thousand pieces

I have to be strong for a while

As I raise my white flag to confess my failure


Shame is the printed word on my forehead

I raise my white flag in tears as a sign of having given up

You win

┬ęBlack barbie




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