I vividly recall our first encounter,


It wasn’t like the one in the movies,

Neither anything close to romance novels,

It was beautifully chaotic.


Even now when my eyes swing closed,

I still remember the disappointment in your eyes,

The way disgust was capitalized on your face,

And I had to swallow the bitter pill and force a smile,

As if I had seen it not.



I know the angel you expected,

Was not the girl standing before your gaze,

The girl on the phone,

She was so pretty,

She was jovial and curvy,

And just the definition on perfection.


However, then the girl in front of you,

Slim as if life doesn’t go through her frame,

She is not so strikingly pretty,

She looks naive and innocent,

Detest written all over your face.

But she is royal





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