I saw you the other day by the Riverside


With your pot well placed by your side

As you bent to fill the pot, my happiness I couldn’t hide

My admiration is excessive but by your rules I must abide

How I wish there were no rules

How I wish


I saw you at the market

With that hand made basket

I still rewind the moment in my head like a cassette

Placing the things you bought in order like a mathematical set

How I wish I was there to be placed

How I wish


I see you reflect the morning sun rays

Your shiny skin glows under the evening sun set

Your beauty can be expressed in many ways

But none of them is the best

Your skin so soft and supple

If you were a bet, then your chances were double

How I wish I experienced you in my stable

How I wish


Your Dad wants a lot in exchange for you

The other day he asked for a pot of brew

How I wish he knew it was illicit too

How I wish


I can’t afford 30 heads

All I can get is 30 beads

But you are the first born and your price leads

Now I can only watch you through the reeds

How I wish I could pay anything for you

How I wish


Now I can’t marry you

Yet I love you

Your beauty amuses me

But it all remains a fantasy

I dream of drowning you in a Fanta sea

But I can’t even afford an ice cold coke

To taste the feeling

And now my words are running out of stock

Leaving me with no option but to depend on time for healing

How I wish I could marry you

How I wish





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