You might see me with a crescent smile, innocent eyes,hearty laughters


To you am the strongest being full of happiness

My heart ripped and torn into pieces

My head crumbles on everything going through my mind

Am good pushing away people I love whenever am stressed up

Am chained to this rythm of fake smiles

All of a sudden am in the dark hole of bitterness

All happy days turned to sobbing nights

Tears filling my eyes as I fill thus piece of pain

Migraines,no drugs to heal for am dead inside

Am tripping no where to hold on to

My rigid heart doesn’t allow love cause all seem fake

I don’t trust anymore,trust is mutual so it should replicate

Staying in silence will make me blow up

Best I scream on pen and paper

No more words no more light no more hope

Can you be my lighter?

Tales of a broken heart

©black barbie




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