??Beauty in the broken?❤️


Stress and disfunctions
Cloudles disunities
Parts apart without knowing
Yet we are together due to the strong bonds

Yaani kama ni shida then najua shida
If ingekuwa ety wanarank then me ni number 1
Maisha ime kuwa shapeless na worthless
Not imagining that I would ever pass

The depressions out of stress
The bad situations that I saw
The understatements of many
But here I am still standing

Lost hope in ever living
Had wanted to leave this life
Peace troubles are working out
Almost finishing my race
But now I am done with everything

If rest was an option then it would be 6 feet down
And would be by my own hand not God
Great death in deed
I am alive course of my strong heart
Broken yet with a belief of coming back together
Now I am stronger than before.

#Trvbled poet



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