DEVOTIONAL SUNDAY. Date:4th July 2021. Theme:FAVOUR EARNS TRUST. Scriptures: Genesis 39:20-23


Memory verse;But the Lord was with Joseph and shewed him Mercy,and gave him favor in the sight of the kepeer of the pprison.GENESIS 39:23

MESSAGE. The favor of God is a manifestation of God’s presence during his trial, Joseph was sold into slavery but God was with him.If God is with you, wherever you go he goes.Also,if He is with you, the situation that is trying your Faith does not and cannot drive God away from you.Whether you feel GOD’S presence or not,as long as you are in His will,be rest assured that he is with you.As long as you cling to Him, nothing can separate you from God.This explains why you must seek His presence for the rest of your life.

When God is with you,you will enjoy favor.Favour usually comes with several other benefits.Let us see some of them.From today’s reading,we see that “favour makes you to earn people’s trust including that of your eenemies”.Can you imagine that the Chief warder,who was paid by the state to oversee Joseph’s punishment in the prison yard,was the same person who entrusted control of the prison and it’s occupants to him? Having found favour in his sight, Joseph was no more seen and treated like a prisoner but as an unofficial warder.

He suddenly began to trust Joseph.In life,what you will become and even the heights you will attain are partly dependent on how much trust is reposed in yyou.Will you commit sensitive assignments into the hands of those you do not trust? I doubt it.This reason, to reach your goal, you will ride on the trust of people including those who meant to supervise your appression in Jesus name.

In additional to this,we see that favor makes men to trust you even to their detriment.If Joseph had realesed some prisoner into the wild, the government would have held the Chief warder responsible.That could have cost him his life yethe trusted him to his detriments.In your upleasant situations,the favor of God will cause men to entrust men with great assignments.They will entrust more responsibilities to you including their lives without knowing what is motivating them to do so.On the other hand,ARE YOU TRUSTWORTHY???

KEY POINT. Looking at the life of Jesus,it is obvious that what God wants to do on an international level He would start at a very little corner.

Author: Apostle Andy



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