Broken soul is my middle name,


While the first goes for hurt,

I am always the looser in the game,

As true as gospel, I don’t have a heart,

I am not casting any blame,

But the truth be known, pain is my part.

Why does it rain the heaviest,

To those who deserve the sun?

Why should I be the prettiest,

Then my pain be brought by a son?

Why lie that love is the greatest,

When in heart it does nothing but burn?

I loved him with all my heart,

But he used it against me,

My love for him was exact,

But I still had to pay a fee,

To him I was not his lost part,

And because of this he had to flee.

My life is a total mess,

After straining so much to gain,

My love he had to disgrace,

And without minding my pain,

My love left me for Grace,

All I laboured for is a total vain.


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