Alupe University Mourns Once Again

  • Alupe University Mourns Once Again

It’s been a black overall cast over Alupe University. Waking up to the sudden death of Bridgit Kerubo. A second year student in the school of Science and engineering. A jovial young lady who was always trying to make it out with a good degree. Brinny as we knew her was a member of WOSWA(Women Student Welfare Association) where she was actively involved in the club activities. She was also a member of Amani Club where she participated in mentorships and peace campaign in the school. She was a member of the Drama club that performed the “Octagon” and won drama festivals in 2019.


This suddening news came due to her fight with malaria of the short period. We will miss the Joyfull Brinny who brought laughter and light in every occasion.

She was loved by many and was there for everyone even in the darkest moments. May the Almighty Yeshua rest her soul in eternal peace. (Genesis 3:19) for out of it wast thou taken;for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.


Reporter: TingTing Alupe University



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