On the 12th of June 2021 the AUC did it again with a splash event that hosted cultural activities. Various performances traditional dances, presentations of traditional foods and attire as well as the old songs as well as eating competition. The event was graced by modelling competitions that completed the day.

Previous Miss and Mr. Alupe University

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Eating competition

The Judges

The Teso community, the winners of the cultural presentations, presented their traditional ways. Coming up with attires for dancing, the traditional foods and a traditional rura’cio (weeding ceremony). The presentations were mesmerizing that the judges took in favor of them. The second runners up the Luo’s (jaluo oksechi) with their attitudes (jaluo Gi timbe ge). They gave an outstanding performance of the modern Luo songs and their traditional dishes. What gave way for this victory was their confidence on the stage and get power to move about. Other communities like the luhyas presented their traditional foods and circumcision ceremony. The kisii’s presented their beer drinking and wedding ceremonies, while the Kalenjin’s presented traditional dances.

Teso’s presenting their traditional foods

Luhya traditional circumcision ceremony

Luo’s making entry into the event.

Teso representative

Luo presentation

Kisii Traditional wedding

In the modern entertainment, there were presentations from first year’s modern dance crew. They danced with vigor and enthusiasm. Presentations from melodious singers with Amani, Doris made the grounds feel good with their voices. Spoken word artists presented their set pieces. The gengetone artists Brian Mtukutu’s group gave a splendored performance.

The modern dancers

Brayo Mtukutu and Eriko picking their awards for

To the event of the day that lit the whole university was the modelling competition. From presentations in modern ways of dressing, professional dressing, creative dressing, traditional dressing and making the right cat-walk. It was a fashion extravaganza that made mouths be agape. In the lady’s side the 1st runners up were Tinah, 2nd runners up Keylan and the winner Metrin. The male’s 1st runners up were Enock Mweresa, 2nd runners up Nick Sikuku and the winner Elias Mwangi.

Inset: Infront: Modelling winners Metrin and Elias 2nd runners up
Back: 1st runners up and 2nd runners up males with attire during the event.
2nd runners up females and former Miss Alupe:
Stacy Achieng

Nick Sikuku with traditional attire.

The winner Elias with creative wear.

1st runners up Tinah with creative ware

1st runners up Enock with professional ware.

2nd runners up Keylan with professionalism

Winner Metrine with elegant traditional attire.

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