The pain


I was just going through one of our old pictures


And a remembered you

Cute,charming and how you made me smile

I remembered how your presence meant to me

It meant undying love in me

You were my first love remember?

You once gifted me a watch

But look,now we have no time for each other

It sounds funny but

I go through our old conversations

Wishing it was nothing but a dream


I gree we had a great future ahead

But our ego has won in this

The proposal on my 19th birthday

Was it a dream?

Remember how i shouted a “yes baby”

We meant this for eternity

Am now left with ounting memories

And brand new wound in my heart

The pains sucks

I let a boy play me for a fool

I fell for perfect liar

I never new all this pain exists

Until you said goodbye

Three months now

But am still taking a sleep pills

Just to forget my existence for a while

Before I figure out my next move

My heart is in million pieces

My mind blaming my heart and viceversa

But one this am promising myself is

Am never going to fall in love again


Mercy Muthoni


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