The love of us




The sun and the moon had peace alliance,


so I couldn’t take you behind the eclipse,

rather I chose to take you behind the sunset,

that your beauty might be magnified in the eyes of the sun,

stars waited for you for a time,

as you’re the prime of all the time.


Alone in the desert breath could dearth,

as I was away from you my oxygen,

I was scorched by the sun flickers,

yet your memories kept me calm,

here we’re together listening to our favorite psalm,

I’m at peace now for your heart is my palm.


A year has to descend after some months,

after some months another year has to be born,

my love, you’re always you in every year,

my ear was made to hear that you’re here,

I won’t fear any fears for your love defends me from birthing tears.


© Abel Williams.


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