My super hero ( My papa)



I respect the hardest times you have gone through from childhood till this moment today. As you have seen the most brightest and the most ugliest side of living as a human.



Obviously i don’t know much about your past or how much you have struggled to make our lives comfortable and easy, where we don’t have to worry much about important things in life because you always gave us things more than we deserve. Today only because of you only I am respected as a Rhyme Guru in most parts of Africa.


But yes from the day I started seeing you. I have seen one thing that you are very dedicated and sincere towards your work and family and always inspired everyone to be good in life. Even though we may not say it everyday but even you know that we also love you very much. But obviously we can’t match your love for us.


I know we will never be able to reach your level of maturity or excellency. But I know that me and Didi will never get the same love from anyone else because you have seen us grow every day and tried to understand our problems too.


Thanks for being the best dad ever. Love you.




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