Volcanoes erupting,


Heated magma,

Can’t be stopped,

Flowing insistently,

Cries of pain and suffering,

Multitude loss of lives,

Homes destroyed,

Families separated,

Children are fatherless.


Stories on front pages,

Misery life narration,

Hand of God get applause,

From grass to grace,

From shame to fame,

Really motivational,

Yeah we agree,

Ears, mind and eyes,

Battling to agree,

Truth remain locked,

Behind bars fighting,

Justice outcry in volume.


Hunger strike,

Drought and famine,

Monsters of growth,

Poor health facilities,

Teenage pregnancy,

Gender education discrimination,

Agony and pain,

Drilling through flesh and bone,

We better die than survive.


We are finished,

No one can save us,

Get us out of bondage,

And slavery of tyranny.


© Wanda’s Ink Pen

®Wanda The Poet ✍️

#The Hand of God


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