Does Covid-19 vaccine cause infertility ?


The Covid-19 vaccine has  faced many doubts and questions . Some have made inquiries on the health effects. Others with no definite reasons, think that it is an all made up story, which is to fulfill a given hidden agenda. One of the most alarming doubt was the thought that Covid-19 can cause problems on female reproductive organs. The theory depends on a suspicion that the immunization could make the body assault syncytin-1. This is a protein in the placenta that offers a little piece of hereditary code with the spike protein of the Covid-19.


The first mRNA vaccine?

One good thought comes to help us understand this. Where exactly the vaccine affects the moment it gets into the body? In the construction of a drug, it is directed to the specific area for a desired effect, well calculated. However a thought may here creep in on there being chances of some traces of the medication getting to affect the reproductive system. This is because it is thought that the mRNA technology is new and so may cause unpredictable outcomes. However, this is not true. The mRNA immunization has been studied for quite a long time to battle illnesses like influenza, rabies, Zika infection. Besides, the misconceptions on vaccines being a lead to infertility isn’t new. This happened in the year 2003 with the HPV vaccine.

The vaccine when it gets into the body elicits a response of the cell to make a certain response. This protein then triggers immune response that produce antibodies, fighting the disease in the body. The mRNA is not stable and dissociates easily hence the body discards it. Therefore the genetic material is discarded after accomplishing its purpose. This is unlike the DNA which doesn’t dissociate so easily. So it is advised to all to discard their fears and take the jab and help the global fight against the covid-19 pandemic.


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  1. Many fears are just out of ignorance and not of out science. People have a lot of conspiracy theories to this issue. Terrible!

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