Anglican church disowns the ‘Holy Spirit wedding’ officiater


Elizabeth Nalem a 41 years of age and a mother to six, abandoned her family and planned for wedding with the Holy Spirit. Last week she supprissed residents of Makutano town in West Pokot when she was seen dressed in a wedding gown. She called out friends and neighbors to come and witness her wedding with the Holy Spirit.


Bishop Samson Tuliapus of Kapenguria put it clear that Albert Rumuita is not an ordained priest but an ordinary church member thus has no powers to officiate marriages. Thus the church can sue him for doing things against the doctrines.

“We don’t support what happened because the Holy Spirit things don’t happen that way. It is shame to our parish and the entire Anglican church of Kenya. It was an embarrassment.” Bishop Tuliapus said.

After the ceremony Elizabeth was detained in a police station before bieng released after a few hours. Elizabeth has sweared not to go back to her family for she is married to the Holy Spirit and she will spread the gospel of God. On the same she has stated that the Holyspirit has directed her to Uganda thereafter to United States of America to spread the gospel.

Mr. Nalem who paid dowry of 22cows and 15 goats is doing the house work after being abandoned by the wife. Mr. Nalem has said that their marriage is still there for he was not informed of any wedding by her wife Elizabeth.



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