So, we are all encouraged to embrace respect, dignity, humanity and all other manners that makes our individual composition complete when it comes to daily interactions with other people in our societies.


Leaders are the most echoed figures and we all expect that they give sobber directions and gear towards uniting and bonding the nation. The law is for the people enacted by the people for people’s own good use. It’s much unfortunate that a five bench’s decision over the Building Bridges Matter is defiled, rejected and despised by the President and his counter-part Raila Odinga. We are being forced to chew the bitter herbs which are even against the law.

If the initiative is to bring development in the whole country, this can’t change the fact that charity begins at home. If common wananchi in Kisumu town cannot afford the price of a single fresh fish yet this is the producer town, having taken consideration of the transport cost, preservation and nature of businesses to make profits, if the same fish is taken to other parts of the country will this be affordable.

Talking of posters, billboards, reminders and notifications, all making emphasize on the need to take covid 19 precautions seriously. The most common being social distancing and avoiding crowded places. Its such ruthless that Madaraka day celebrations will still be taking place in Kisumu; a home for Indian variant of covid virus. This is a clear communication of how careless and ignorant our leaders are. They will be using the most expensive and effective masks as well as being able to afford first class medication from other countries such India. What then about the common wananchi whose earnings can’t even afford a bar of soap and clean running water as some of the precautions to keep him safe from the virus.

These is just but a sample of the “precious” Kenya that we are living in. Who will fight for us then if this is the way to go? Let’s all open our eyes, the signs are very clear and believe you me, it’s such high time to speak and crave for the change we want, unless otherwise our “precious” Kenya will still be the kingdom with its rulers.


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