The gravity time dilation; the fact that your head is older than your feet, is so true !


Photo by Collins Hardy


Did you know that your head is slightly older than your feet? sounds weird right? well, if you didn’t know don’t worry because i’m here to make you stay informed as much as possible. Have you ever heard the phrase ‘time is so wired’?.Time is wired and mysterious for real. Research shows that time slows down at high speed and around massive objects. It completely stops at the speed of light and at the event horizon of a black hole and does not exist at the centre of a black hole.

What is a black hole? a black hole is a place in space caused by collapsing of stars during their end of lifetime  where gravity is so strong that nothing can escape from it. As you get closer to a black hole, the flow of time slows down compared to the flow of time far from the black hole and it comes to an abrupt end at the centre of the black hole.

So what happens to you if you go down into a black hole? For a fact nobody has ever done this because it is a one way course. Inside a black hole the flow of time itself draws falling objects to the centre and nothing in the universe can escape this force.

Let’s imagine you successfully managed to go into a black hole and you are lucky to be alive and kicking — scientifically not possible — you then decide to spend a day inside the black hole before you return back.

Inside the black hole a day for you will still be a day but the mysterious part is that back on earth, time would have passed at a much higher rate. It is believed that a fraction of second inside a black hole, eternity has passed outside a black hole. Interesting right ?.

Now, back to earth. Our planet like the black hole is a massive body and it produces the same effect. The flow of time slows down as you move closer to the earth’s surface. The only difference from a black hole is that the earth’s gravitational pull is so weak that the slow of time is not noticeable, but the effect has been confirmed using sensitive instruments.

It has been proved that at the sea-level you age one-billionth of a second less every year than you would if you lived on top of Mt. Everest. Many people unless physically challenged spend most days of their lifetime their feet being closer to the earth surface than their head. Because of this their feet is a bit younger than their head and the same applies to the rest of the body parts. But the difference is so minute to be noticeable.


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