Traditions and Conservatism; The Shackles of Women Oppression

To bring up a liberal lesson to male dominated individualism and society
A bondwoman leading into freedom.
By Elsam Ojing. May 25th, 2021.



Gender Equality should be the theme of any man purporting true principles upon which the life of humanity rests. To claim that a woman is lesser than a man in life duties – vocation, religion, societal, education, political – undermines the dignity and the power of a woman in whom the life begins and is natured. Every life passes through the same cycle; conception, birth, growth, and death, which renders all humanity equal in respect to the economy of life. In this present time, women should not seek the option of debate of their worth but must rise to take up their positions as equal to men. There is no distinction between what a woman can do and what a man can do, given the power of choice.

Definition By Time

The age we live in is influenced by hate, supremacy, pride, self, and demeanour against women, but we can always change to normalize love; equality. I once read a quote from, which says, “People may hate you for being different and not living by society’s standards, but deep down, they wish they had the same courage to do the same.” A lot of what is happening within the social realm is dictated by false beliefs that even the propagators secretly wish they could change. But because of lack of courage to face the wrongs and ideas for so long conserved, they dare not. We all have two sides, a good side that cannot be misused, misinterpreted, seen, or wrongly felt due to its most accurate form, and the wrong side, which many people often show in treating others.

Can We Make a Difference?

We often want to be the change in the society whenever we feel or face the reality of a mess, sometimes even without examining the cost of the change we desire; ultimately, we can’t tell if we will achieve it. However, we cannot afford pessimism simply because our daily routine is assured. Through true principles, we are forced to believe that survival demands togetherness and working for the good of all; thus, we have no choice other than to be optimistic that the change we desire begins with us.

We have to contend with the fact that being an optimist is a war and an onus probandi; it comes with ominous disappointments because the very people we hope will lead in the making of a change will be the same that practice its opposite, this will cause anger and regret in trusting.

The Paradigm Shift

Women have been through this evil a lot; they have survived thousand ‘assassination’ attempts by their loved ones, even the closest of them all, their husbands and the male children who swore to abide in traditions and evils of traditions. However, the women have evaded the assassination; they have boundlessly cared for and loved the sexist planers and vowed never to speak even when stricken so deeply with conservatism by the people they pledge their allegiance of loyalty and love.

We can change all these sufferings our mothers and sisters have for long faced because they are women. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “small is beautiful.” It doesn’t matter how little you see your effort in making a change towards equality in society. As a man or a woman who has ever believed that this world is for men to rule, you must never retreat your efforts to treat a woman as your equal or a woman as equal to men.

We Are All Human

Humanitarianism is the effort to help people, making us wise and strong to be independent of any thoughts against equality; take it upon yourself that you are the only good person in this world. Therefore, you must do the good that keeps you alive. I compare the power of equality to the winds and waters; weather moving like the falls or still as a peaceful sea; this power is like the good music; it moves every human, except for the dead and the unborn.

The power of equality is stirring the world and will soon rally the liberals to bring down strongholds of traditions and conservatism that now hold sexism and aspects of male chauvinism. We all should live a good life, the life that when presented with the case of a woman, we will not treat them as weak and undeserving, but as human-created with the same purpose as men.

Equality must stand to better society.



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  1. This is a very nice piece. I love it and yes, we must all embrace equality for a better tomorrow. ?

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