The most important thing that you need in life is GOD. This is contrary to expectation of many, some people may be expected that I would mention money/wealth as one of the key thing in life, but that is not true.
Currently success is determined by what you have; the number of bank accounts, educational qualifications and number of influential people you have. But all this do not determine success, if you don’t have God in your life. You may know God but you don’t have him in your life. When you have God in your life it means you have given God a chance to take charge and do his will in your life.
Let look at the three aspects used to determine success currently;
1.Number of bank accounts you have; this cannot define a success if you lack God in your life, may be in the eyes of the people around, you may look successful but in most cases in you will feel a gap still left and that gap can only be filled by God. This gap can be characterized in different ways e.g. lack of peace, diseases and many other things. No matter how wealthy you are, you can’t buy peace neither can you buy life. All this comes from God, your creator and giver of life and peace, which the world can’t give. [Proverb 8:35,]

  1. Number of educational qualifications; the number of certificates, degrees and PhDs you have should not determine your success. Because these are jus knowledge that you have acquired here on earth and some day when you will be no more, they will end here on earth. They are not a requirement in heaven but only here on earth. The only requirement in heaven is the knowledge of God, which comes by believing and having faith. With the knowledge of God you have eternal life [Ecclesiastes 7:12, Isaiah 11:2].
  2. Number of influential people you are connected with; this should not be a criteria to be used in determining success, you can be connected to many influential persons and this does not guarantee you. That this people will stand by your side to the end. Some friends come and go, some come because of the common/mutual benefits you have, but when all this are gone they are nowhere. It is good to have connections with people, but remember the only people you may at least count are those friends, whom you have walked with from nothing to somewhere, though they can still betray you at some point. Therefore the only friend you can count on is GOD. He is the true friend that can never forsake nor abandon you. In all times he will always be by your side, no matter the circumstances [Psalms 27:10, Psalms 94:14, Psalms 138:7 -8].
    Therefore God is the most important thing that we need in our life as human beings. Our disobedience and unwillingness to allow God to reign in us, is one of the cause of humans struggles. We humans we have forsaken our God and most importantly, the author of our life. Without God we could have no longer existed and when you question Gods existence, question your existence first.
    God is our creator, father, protector and everything to us. When you don’t give you life to God, he will never force you because he gives human beings that freedom to make their own choices. It’s upon you to decide whether you need God in your life or not.
    But know this when you don’t have the true and Almighty God in your life, you are like a child with no father, mother and any one to protect you. In that state anything can happen to you. What I mean is that there are certain satanic altars that will have a chance to reign over your life ,for an example you heard some people claiming they have been bewitched or so and so do not want something good to come from them. Yes all this many a time happens, reason being you are an orphan in your supernatural life, and anything supernatural is beyond your parents, and that where you need your God ,he who is GREAT IAM,THE ALMIGHTY, he is the God above all other gods and every power surrender to him. Therefore when you have God no other power or evil can defeat you, because Jesus is a loving God, he will always protect and fight for you, because you are his chosen one, his servant, his son and his altar [his dwelling place] [Isaiah 54:17 “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord”.
    To conclude, you need God in your life. He can do more than you think in your life. He is the Supreme Being with no equals; he reigns throughout the earth and heaven, every power surrender to him, every knee bow before him. HE IS THE GREATEST OF ALL TIMES.

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