Whenever I hear about immorality and other unfruitful behaviors among the youths and some elderly people, in our country and the world at large. What comes in my mind is parental guidance.


Currently as a country, we are experiencing a lot of immoral behaviors; It is not strange to hear or see people killing each other; this is one of the immoral behavior that has become so common in our country. Most people no longer have that respect for human life, they see others like cows or hens which they can just slaughter anytime they wish, and this is something need to be addressed. It is also not strange to see young people abusing drugs and involving themselves in irresponsible relationships, which in most cases ends in death and children’s being raised by single parents.

These are just some of the immoral behaviors that I will mention as per now among many others. Why would I mention these? As a youth and through my interaction with them. I have come to realize that drug abuse and relationship is an area that most youths get themselves messed up. According to my view I see all these as a result of poor parental guidance in upbringing their children.
Family should play a very big role in the behavioral development of a child, just as a lot is expected from the teachers and the spiritual leaders. It is also worth noting that teachers and the spiritual leaders can only achieve their part in the child development. When the family set up which is headed by the parents plays their role which is very key.

For example a teacher cannot get an arena to teach the child if the parent don’t take the child to school as well as the spiritual leader can’t get an opportunity to educate the child if the parents don’t introduce / take their children to church. I can applause parents in one area here, where they are really trying their best and that is education, this is an area where parent are doing their best to ensure that their children go to school hence they are providing platform for the teachers to teach the children and influence the children’s behaviors positively. And teachers have a role to play here apart from impacting knowledge to the children to pass their exams also impact knowledge in them on how they can be responsibly citizens and members of the society. This has to start by the teacher, how can you advice the student/pupils to be responsible members of the society, when you as a teacher you are irresponsible member of the society. Obviously it can’t happen that way and it will never happen, children are very observant to their environment during their development and as a teacher you are the immediate environment to the children, therefore you need to be their role model by minding your behaviors as the student’s environment of study. Issues like teachers love relationships with students, teachers abusing drugs and many others should not be mention, because how petty they seem to be they have a negative impact on the life of the students.

Regarding the spiritual development of the children, parents have really failed and most parents are not even showing an intrest in introducing their children to church. For many years, many people have viewed the church as an option and not a necessity or basic need for their life. Anybody with such notion that the church is not a necessity should drop it. I know you are the church but the church is you only when you allow God who is the head of the church, he who bought the church [you] by his blood to dwell in you. Therefore you cannot be a church if you have not given yourself away to God, and that’s why you need the church[spiritual community] to guide you on the best way to build a personal relationship with God ,through Repentance, Baptism and receiving the Holyspirit.Once you received the Holy spirit he will guide you on the best way to walk with God, with the holy spirit you will see the importance of coming together as a spiritual community , and you will always see and appreciate the necessity of the church.

As a parent you have a role to introduce/take your children to church for their development, in the church the spiritual leaders have an opportunity to educate and advice the children as well as being role model and a mentor to the children on other aspect. Children too get an opportunity to know more about God and having a personal relationship with God at a tender/young age. There is nothing more good to a parent, than when his/her children are zealous of serving God, reason being the children will have the knowledge of God, which is life and surpasses all other knowledge. By this the parents will have a humble time bringing up their children.

To conclude, parents you need to be the first mentors of your children, so that they may become what you want them to be. Provide security to your children, to avoid negative/bad environmental influence to your children, let them be surrounded by those people who can help you, to see your vision about your children coming to pass. Be friendly to your children and spent most of you time with them, as this will enable you to know them better and give you an opportunity to listen to them, as they share with you their experiences.
As much as you be friendly and provide security to them. You must and should discipline them when they go wrong, so that they may not become a disgrace to you as the parent. By offering the best parental guidance to the children we can have the best children and generation.


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