Good evening Rholinx and welcome to UnityMedia254.


Who is Rholinx?

I am an actor, director, who directed one of my scripts and in the film industry am both a photographer and video Grapher.

Apart from acting what else do you do?

I am a writer

As a writer what do you write?

I write articles and essays.

Which is your best between acting and writing?

They are inter-related because before I act I need to write the script and for that I love them all, for one can not be done without the other in my field.

Tell us something about your academic journey?

I finished my fourth form after which I went in for some short causes in relation to my field of work.

When did you start acting?

Started acting years back when I was an innocent boy in primary school participating in drama clubs and did the same in high school and that’s how simple it started.

Where do you see yourself in the next ten years.

For the time I have been in the industry I have grown faster in my field. For that I know in the next ten years I see myself as a great actor not just locally but also internationally.

As an actor who inspired you?

I don’t have a specific person who inspired me for I have been acting since the days when I was young and it’s like something genetic.

Who is your role model?

Lupita Nyong’o

What can you tell other young upcoming actors?

Let just say this to all artists not only actors, that focus on your work and it is not a must to engage in activities with this celebrities like having ‘colabos’ so that you can grow. Just do good work and believe in yourself you will just grow and get more supporters.

For those people who want to support you how can they contact you?

Instagram : kijanavintage. Facebook : roymantorse Email : otienorholinx@gmail. Com

Your parting words to our ardent readers.?

Please readers I would encourage you to continue supporting UnityMedia254 Family.





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