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I came to learn about 5G network through a certain conspiracy theorist and some Nigerian pastor who claimed that it is linked to Corona virus. We even saw it in Bolivia where people were pulling down antennas claiming the 5G network is harmful. Something interesting is that some of these countries rioting even don’t have technology. Some conspiracies have been linked to Bill gates, the only problem is that there is no evidence to all these claims at all maybe for entertainment purposes.


5G is simply the 5th generation mobile network, a new global wireless standard after the commonly known 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G. This is largely to effect tomorrows innovations. Phone companies started adopting the 5G network in 2019 and it is to work alongside 4G LTE network before is is fully adopted. It is designed to meet very large growth in data and connectivity. 5G network has an ultra low latency compared to the other networks. Just a brief statistic the 5G network’s latency is to be to as low as 1 millisecond compared to 4G network with 30 milliseconds and 3G which has about 100 milliseconds. [time taken for devices to respond to each other using a wireless network]. You can all agree with me that this will help to come up with a whole new chapter of applications and amazing super new technologies. Also imagine downloading content on the internet using an eighth of the time you use on 4G.

To the technology world, 5G network comes with its benefits. Speed is everyone’s wish. 5G is designed to give much more network capacity by expanding into a new spectrum, a good example is the mm Wave. mm Wave is so far the fastest 5G which reached a top speed of 18 Gigabits/s. In an instance whereby the user is moving around, the data rates remains all time high, consistently. Generally the speed ranges from 50Mbits/s to over Gigabits /s.

The ultra-low latency will mean that there will be real time control of devices and communication. Vehicle to vehicle communications will be boosted s well as safety systems and industrial robotics. The medical care world will not be left behind. Billions of devices will also be connected without any human intervention. This will enhance communication, healthcare and education. Many new technologies will be able to come up like the VR whereby you will be able to travel to your favorite place or city and even inspect real estates, watch football with the feeling of being on the ground. People and billions of devices will be connected like never before.

Nothing good comes without some disadvantages, being a technological aspect 5G network has some backlashes of course. The first on the list is that 5G network frequency waves can only travel over short distances. Physical barriers like trees or buildings tend to either block or absorb the high frequency signals. This is unless cell towers are extended. Compared to the current cellular infrastructure, rollout cost to 5G infrastructure will be high to cellular operators unless they embrace network sharing. Some rural areas might not benefit from this because mainly the 5G network is targeting urban areas and big populations. Many remote areas are not even able to access any form of cellular network connectivity that’s why it might take some time for it to reach there. On this one most of us have actually experienced even on 4G LTE, whereby now the battery life of devices is at risk on 5G. Some users have already reported that devices becoming hot when using 5G. Battery technology just needs to advance to cope up .

Download speeds of 5G are higher than upload speeds. On health matters , so far there are no reported cases whereby 5G network has affected anyone. 5G technology is the game changer whereby it will help batter the hospital operations as well us patient experience. Services will be available anywhere any time. High level of cell phone radiation is considered more dangerous according to the study taken recently by National Toxicology Program Study. There were evidences of carcinogenic activities. Unless we have already tested it before, lets embrace new technologies because its the key to a better world.

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