small letters


The first time I wrote something,


The first thing I ever wrote down,

If I remember correctly,

I wrote my name,

My name in capital LETTERS,

my name in small letters,

My name in both small and capital letterS.


I wrote it everywhere,

Behind the driver’s seat,

On the driver’s seat,

Next to the driver’s teeth.


When it rained,

The car windows would fog up.

24 by 24 inches of untouched canvas!

Let the forging begin.


In school,

I scratched my name under the desk,

Scribbled it on my favorite books, chairs, walls,

Walls bear my name!


Perhaps, I shouldn’t have written my name up on walls,

Because that wall now has a roof and three walls around it,

My name has been boxed in.


There are no doors,

Only one window.



When I visit my name,

It tells me,

“You know sometimes when the rain pours outside,

It also pours in here,

There are no clouds in here man!

I don’t have a tree-garden at the corner,

But it rains,

It rains inside!

And I feel cold.”



I realize I have this name I don’t want,

It has too much weight for five letters,

It has so much stain,

I can’t share it.


Give me a new name,

I can’t bear this!


Give me your name!


Just hear me out,

If we shared the same name,

It would stick to my heart and give it some rhythm,

Maybe add an extra beat and give it some feelin’.


If I had to pick a name,

I would pick yours,

And before I wrote it down,

I would take in some air,

Possibly cry,

And carve it under my eyelids.


So, each time I blink,

I won’t see the walls,

I won’t be looking in through the windows,

I won’t glance at darkness.


i will see you,

i will see your name,

and perchance a full stop at the end.


This is Unity Media 254.

They are an up-and-coming platform generated in unison by the founders to enhance the writing skills, ideas, expressions, and creative aspects of the young generation.

I have been honored with the responsibility to feature a poem here.

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