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After completion of studies , so many teens are confused. What to opt as a career? In todays generation there are many opportunities to select career . Most people think career building is a hard task but it’s very easy .To follow one’s heart is a way of building our passion.Everyone has a talent, find your talent and start working on it .


How to natural talent? Take a paper and start writing what makes you more enjoying and what increases your anxiety (ex sports , music ,writing, dancing, )it takes enough time don’t lose patience after knowing your passion stick on it .

Johnson is a farmer who grows different types of farm produce and a poultry farmer too …he survives from this and makes you lot of cash from this, he willingly followed his heart and passion and farming and made it to the great and peaceful enviroment , to a rich background and a happy family today This modern society asks a common question do you want to be a pilot or an engineer? Don’t bother about the society , build your passion and stick on it . It make life cool and enjoyable.



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