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my life is an open book, That led me through every nook, and every corner of discovery, of lifes long journey , it is not just a page but a whole course book


My life is not just a lonely time, That has led me through tough situations I look right, i look left, I face upwards, i face downwards ofcourse it’s a long journey mile.

My life has been a table turn game , Full of queries, rhetorical questions ,Sometime i try to upright my desires but somehow I wish capability would be part of me , Anyway life is a long journey mile.

I sit down the greenish tree, under the shade, I find no peace , I sit around the riverside , i find no peace, life a long journey mile.

Life deserves a lot, I have to work on it, situations changes due to efforts put, No one is ever perfect , No one was born rich, No one was born poor, life is just a long journey mile.

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