Tiktok safety concerns and how it uses childrens data unlawfully in 2021

Tiktok illegaly collects children’s data.

Recently, a 12-year-old girl from England unanimously sued Tik Tok, owned by Bytedance, a Chinese firm tech, for illegally collecting data of children in the UK and Europe. “Every child that has used Tiktok since 25th May, 2018 may have had personal information collected and submitted to third parties for their unknown benefits.” Said Ann Longfield, former children’s commissioner for England.


While the suit is being heard in the high court. This case has raised more concern on data breaches. In 2019 Tiktok was sued over a similar allegation for collecting information from children under 13 which lead to India banning the app from its citizens. It is believed that the company supply the information to third parties for profits without a proper consent from the parents. Last year Bytendace faced a slap on the face as India claimed that Tiktok is morally unsuitable to be used by its citizens as it encourages pornography.

The case however is not yet brought to conclusion until later this year. Government around the world needs to be concerned on how the social media platforms handles their citizens’ personal information and if issues arises with data privacy and policy, the government needs to take proper measures and steps to protect its citizens.

In this 21st century with advanced technology there is more of how your personal information could be used by the data scientists. It can either be negatively or positively.
These personal information could be; where you stay, your age, your names, your pictures, your videos, conversations and almost any other thing you have done using the app. It is so unlawful to use such personal information without proper consent of the user.


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