Verse~JOHN 3:16
~This verse comes immediately after Jesus had taught Nicodemus.
When you read verse 14 and 15 ;Jesus finishes his conversation with Nicodemus by telling him
14″— so the son of man must be lifted up, that everyone who believes may have eternal life in him.
It sounds marvellous to know that God in flesh(Jesus).Came to save me and you,he never came to condemn us.
Verse 17 says that he came to save us and to gove us eternal life.
God loves us and he has gopd plans for us.And from the beggining he has always desire to save humankind from destruction.
And therefore it is a requirement that we take heed to his commandments and instructions,for Jesus cares and have good intentions for us.
~John 3:18~When you believe in Jesus you are not condemned,for he came to save us and not to condemn us.
In verse 19 – 21~ The Bible says that ;Jesus is the Light~
And everyone who does evil hates light,for the fear that their deed will be exposes.And that’s the condemnation that the world offers; The world has set you into trap not to have a share in the light(Jesus).
Today I bring you a message of hope that Light has come into the world
He has come to save us
You just need to take a step
And get out of the trap that the devil has set to you to make you live in darkness.
Today it is upon you who have heard the word.To take heed of it.For Jesus has said “I HAVE COME TO SAVE YOU AND GIVE YOU ETERNAL LIFE.
He has come tp get you out of the condemnation that the world has laid to you.
Just take a step and talk to Jesus he is ready to listen,tell him that you are ready to surrender to his light to take control and to overpower the darkness.
Jesus came to set us free and for sure he will set us out from the darkness laid to us by the devil.If we would just take a step and believe in him and his word.


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