Malawi minister of labour Ken Kandodo was sacked and forteen others arrested over the misuse of covid-19 funds. This is after the president commissioned a 6.2 billion Malawian kwacha audit where it was found that money was misused. Investigation are still ongoing and more people are expected to be arrested for the same. The forteen includes ten district councils and immigration officials. All arrested and any other who will be guilty will repay the amount.


And it is not only Malawi where there are scandals for misuse of covid-19 funds but Africa at large. Many leaders in power are taking advantage to use the money for their own personal benefits. Though many presidents have promised to fight corruption including the Kenyan president His excellency Uhuru Kenyatta but up to now no action has been taken but it is clear the funds are misused.

This shows how the president of Malawi Lazarus Chakwera is fulfilling his promise of fighting corruption to the Malawi citizens as he promised during his campaigns. Though he has been in office less than a year for he was sworn in July 6th 2020. He has shown his capabilities as a president and he is looking forward to change Malawi

“There are no sacred cows,”

Chakwera said

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