Kakamega County has been under Oparanya’s government as their governor and he is on his final year in leadership of the county. Today afternoon the Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala has spoke to the press and claimed that in nine years now Kakamega County has not had any flagship project. He also claimed that the 2010 constitution gave him power to investigate how county government money is used and give reports. That’s why he came out today to speak about this. As a matter of fact Oparanya’s government has started very many projects but it is like finishing is always the problem.


The Kakamega senator went on and advised Oparanya’s government that they must not start any new project but go on and finish the started and pending projects. He insisted that the county assembly ok Kakamega should budget the projects in their final financial year 2021/22 so that Oparanya can finish the projects before leaving office. He went on counting the unfinished projects especially those that were started by Oparanya.

This are the unfinished projects according to Cleo :

  1. Tea factory in Shinyalu but until now no any tea factory
  2. Level four hospital in Shamakhukhu
  3. Road from Shinyalu to Liranda
  4. Milk processing plant in Malava
  5. Maize milling factory in Lugari
  6. Mumias level four hospital
  7. Plant of rice in Matungu
  8. Supply of water in Butere and Khwisero ‘mansi humukuru’
  9. Kakamega referral hospital
  10. Bukhungu stadium

“As a senator I will ensure no new projects are initiated before completing the unfinished projects”

Senator Cleophas Malala said


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